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Dental bonding sometimes called tooth or composite bonding is a great way for a dentist to correct structural and/or cosmetic imperfections of the teeth. Bonding can fix cracked, discolored and chips in teeth, even take the place of silver amalgam fillings. Cosmetic bonding also helps misaligned teeth by giving you a straighter looking smile.

The first thing in the bonding process a dentist will find a composite dental bonding material called resin that is the closes color to your natural shade of teeth. Then the teeth are roughened up so that the resin will adhere properly. Once the tooth or teeth ready the dentist will apply the resin, shape and smooth it to gain the desired look. Now the resin hardened by a high intensity curing light before it is buffed and polished so that it will look just like the teeth around it.

If you should have a gap between two teeth in the front but are not wanting to get braces or there could be a chip too small for veneer, then dental bonding could be that answer. Physical damage isn’t the only thing that bonding works on, it also hereditary flaws and structural damage from decay. Depending on how many teeth need fixing will determine how long the procedure will take. Minor bonding usually only takes about an hour.

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Gum colored composite is a new way of overcoming receding gums. Exposed and worn areas of the teeth close to gum line often do not look appealing when conventional resins are used, it will still protect that part of the tooth from addition wear but you will still have that ‘long in the tooth ‘ look that comes with age and gum loss. When a dentist uses gum coloring the root is protected and it give a much better appearance.

Dental Bonding NYC        Dental Bonding Brooklyn