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What are Dental Crowns?

Dental crowns also more commonly known as ‘caps’ are a type of dental restoration that covers the entire surface of a damaged tooth that is exposed above the gum line, where as fillings only cover the newly repaired portion of a tooth. Dental crowns are made of Porcelain (ceramic), metal or a combination of both and can last up to five years or more. Dentists use them after oral surgery such as root canals even in bridges, and last up to five years or more all depending on what they are exposed to.

Preparing the tooth

Before a crown can be made an impression of your teeth is done then send to a lab so that for the permanent crown can be made. So until then you will have a temporary one placed over the tooth, these are made before hand after your preparation visit.

These crowns are not meant to last for a long time. In some cases, however, a temporary crown can stay in place for a year or longer. If it needs to last longer, a lab-made plastic crown is best. It is stronger and will last longer than a temporary plastic crown that is made by the dentist.

Now these temporary dental crowns are only meant to protect the tooth until the permanent one can be put into place. Therefore they are not as durable and the cement use to adhere the crown is much weaker so as the dentist can remove it. So it is important to go back for your actual crown. At the next visit the temporary crown is carefully removed and the permanent one is checked to make sure that it fits properly. If there are no adjustments need than the dentist cements it to your tooth.

After a Crown

Now that you have your new dental crown, there should not be any discomfort. If the tooth has not had a root canal there is a possibility to temporary hot or cold sensitivity. If there is pain or discomfort when you bite down then the crown needs to be adjusted. The crown protects from tooth decay but not at the gum line, so your dentist may prescribe a fluoride gel for nightly use.

Crowns can chip and are easily fix without removing the crown, but if there are several the crown may need replacing. There is also the possibility that a crown may loosen and fall out. As long as there is no pain, save it in a baggie to have it re-cemented. However if the tooth is painful, use a toothpick to clean debris then a wet cotton swab for residue, put in place and call for a dental appointment as soon as possible.

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