Root Canal Treatment in Brooklyn

What is Root Canal Therapy?

At one point in time a tooth that was severally damaged was simply removed in order to prevent the spreading of decay and bacteria to other teeth, but with modern dentistry dentists are now able to save an average of 17 million teeth a year with Root Canal Therapy. Oral surgery of this type is really no more uncomfortable then having dental fillings done.

When a tooth is damaged on the inside it can be necessary to remove what is called the dental pulp or soft tissue that is in a chamber in the tooth and the nerves in the root canal.

How is Root Canal Therapy Done?

A root canal is done in several steps and sometimes has to be done in more than one dental office visit. It depends on the extent of damage.

First a mold of the tooth is needed to make then dental crown that will be used, then the dentist has to make an opening in the tooth, and carefully remove the pulp from inside, this is called a pulpectomy. Then the dentist removes all debris on the inside including the root chambers that are beneath the pulp and fills in the space with a flexible material and antibacterial filling, on some cases metal or plastic rods will be used for support, then a crown also call a cap is cemented over the tooth to protect it. The crown also gives the tooth a more natural shape and appearance. Typical causes that maybe led to Root Canal Therapy are: a cracked tooth, a deep cavity, an injury to the mouth that would allow bacteria in and the tooth becomes abscessed.

How long does a Root Canal Last?

Teeth that have been restored with root canal therapy can last the rest of your life with proper care. Good oral hygiene and regular check-ups are still and always important because restore teeth can still be affected by bacteria causing future problems.

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