Good brushing habits are very important not just for looks but overall health and well being. Poor oral hygiene can possible lead other dental and medical issues like gum disease, bone loss, infections even stroke or heart disease. Annual checkups and cleanings are just as important to help prevent these and other problems. Your dentist is there to make sure that you are keeping up with proper brushing and to help when you need it.

Cleanings are scheduled to remove the plaque (sticky bacteria filled film) and tarter (calculus) that can build up over time on the teeth. Teeth are constantly in contact with saliva that contains substances like calcium that intended to protect and strengthen the teeth. Now that is a good thing but it can also deposit on the surface. Normally it is a chalky substance that looks like the teeth but can be a brown or black visible color.

Ultra sonic cleaning uses sound vibrations to break up the plaque and tarter that you have missed while brushing. The sound cannot be heard or really felt, it does however make if quicker them using just a metal scaling instrument. The ultrasonic scaler uses water that sprays from the tip to wash away the pieces and to prevent the instrument from overheating. Once the dentist is sure the teeth are completely clean and free of debris. Usually the teeth get a nice polishing leaving you with a smooth, clean beautiful smile; both you and your dentist will love. This is an extremely effective way to limiting early stages of gum disease.

If you have a pacemaker the use of sounds waves may not be the way to go!